Bocrew creates a melodic universe pulling together complex sonic textures, using house music and hip hop. He caught the eye (and ear!) of videographers worldwide.

He works with CC Mixter, a community site of Beatmakers and musicians. He remixes many artists including: Forensic Clarence Boddyker Suzanne Joseph, Emily Richard, Eddie Bingo, Ms. Vybe etc … He registers his instrumental tunes as royalty free, the most taken up by the video artists are: When the sky turn blue , Sunbird, Stay in the great, etc.
He creates the alias Thedeepr to sign a more melodic line.

He founds Makkross with Clarance Boddyker, and adopts on this occasion the alias Soulsidious.
He creates the Bocrew Official Website because the name Bocrew is already taken by other groups. It contains remixes of Mr Complex, Apani B, Jean Grae among others in « non-commercial award » and many instrumental « All rights reserved »

He produces the album « Suicidal Phenix » with Clarance Boddyker. The dramatic tone evokes the world of science fiction films. It is available on « Bandcamp ».

He starts collaborating with King Siroko. They release the single « The apple of my eye » distributed on “Bandcamp ».

He produces the album « AirDrop » which brings together 24 titles brake experimental beat on the theme of street art.

Good luck buddy!

Bocrew crée un univers mélodique aux textures sonores complexes, avec les techniques de la house music et du hip hop. Il a séduit des vidéastes du monde entier.


Collabore avec CC Mixter, site communautaire de Beatmakers et de musiciens. Il remixe de nombreux artistes en particulier : Forensic, Clarence Boddyker, Suzanne Joseph, Émily Richard, Eddie Bingo, Ms. Vybe etc… Il dépose des instrumentaux libres de droit dont les plus repris par les vidéastes sont : When the sky turn blue, Sunbird, Stay in the great etc

Crée l’alias Thedeepr pour signer une ligne plus mélodique.


Fonde Makkross avec Clarance Boddyker, il adopte à cette occasion l’alias Soulsidious

Crée Bocrew Official Website, car le nom de Bocrew est adopté par d’autres groupes. On y trouve des remix de Mr Complex, Apani B, Jean Grae parmi d’autres en « attribution non commercial » et de nombreux instrumentaux « all right reserved »


Produit l’album « Suicidal Phenix » avec Clarance Boddyker. Le ton dramatique évoque l’univers des films de sciences fiction. On le trouve sur « Bandcamp ».


Commence une collaboration avec King Siroko. Ils sortent le single « La prunelle de mes yeux » distribué sur « Bandcamp »


Produit l’album « AirDrop » qui réunit 24 titres de brake beat expérimentaux sur le thème du street art.


Who are you, TheDeepr ?
I am the founder of the Bocrew.

Could you explain to us what the Bocrew is ? Are you carrying some kind of a message ?
The Bocrew is a collective of beat makers. For a long time, rappers delivered their violent messages against society. They were angry, into the « struggle » as they say. Our message is a peaceful one, a positive attitude. We intend to contribute, to show to the world that hip hop can also broadcast a positive energy.

You use a lot of sound textures, samples, in your new album. Where does your inspiration come from ?
Actually, my inspiration comes from multiple influences. Music is like painting… Each style, each period of time, brings its own color, its color gamut. Electronic music, disco, hip hop, house music and most of all electro-funk from the 80s, to name the most influencing backgrounds…

Who would you name as your most influencing artists ?
The people who actually brought change to rap music are the ones who drew bridges between different styles, like DJ Spinna, who really succeeded in mixing electronic music, house music and hip hop.
Along with J-Dilla, King Britt and many more…
What drives us is the fusion of musical genres, the connections, between different worlds, different inspirations.

Your work is inspired by the life on the streets…
Oh yes. My friends and I, when we were kids, we used to go out and conquer the streets. We would express ourselves through graffiti. Of course, we wanted to be famous one day. There was an artistic, poetic dimension in our actions. We were dreaming that one day we would eventually be acknowledged for our work and our art would be shown in urban art galleries.

So why did you swap from the world of graffiti to music ?
Because I think that graffiti is still an efficient tool to become famous but the Internet is a wider web to be seen, especially through social networks. The web is no longer an urban area but it turns into an infinite range of possibilities.

Why did you call your album Airdrop ?
I wanted to give the idea of a burst of air, if that makes any sense, share the idea of change, of evolution, a progression into my music, like a breath of fresh air, but as compressed and thick as my sounds.

How do you intend to distribute your album, Airdrop ?
People will find it on the main online music stores.

Is there anything I forgot to ask you ?
Oh yes, we could have talked about Star Wars! Star Wars has crafted our culture, we grew up with it. With Airdrop, we use the machines to propel us into an intergalactic universe!

Thanks TheDeepr !
Thanks man !

THEDEEPR Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thedeepr.bocrew

BOCREW OFFICIAL WEB SITE : https://bocrewofficialwebsite.bandcamp.com/

KING SIROKO & THEDEEPR : https://kingsirokoetlelostjazzycrew.bandcamp.com/album/la-prunelle-de-mes-yeux

CCMIXTER BOCREW : http://ccmixter.org/people/bocrew

MAKKROSS : https://makkross-style.bandcamp.com/

THEDEEPR & SOULSIDIOUS : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thedeeprsoulsidious

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